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Properly preparing the surface to accept new paint is the first step to a superior quality paint job. This can be the most time-consuming part of the process, but a uniform surface is especially important, because a good base surface leads to quality painting results.
Here is what we do at Saetre Paint that makes us a “cut above” our competition:
  • All cracks and gaps in painted woodwork, including door frames, baseboards, and window casings are filled with the highest quality caulking for a durable and lasting repair.
  • All surfaces are checked for uniformity and smoothness, and we sand if necessary.
  • Saerte Paint only uses the highest quality, stain blocking primers to seal and prepare stained or water damaged areas, raw wood, and repairs.
  • In homes that are new construction, the entire wall is prepared with primer. We use oil-based primers on wood, and water-based primer on drywall and patches.

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