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Using a professional removal service can save you money and not be a waste of time. There are many homes with wallpaper on the walls. If your wallpaper is still present after 30 or 20 or even 10 years, it’s time to modernize your home! Our professional technicians start the process by poking small holes into the wallpaper. We then spray a warm water solution into the holes and give it time to sink in. From there, we start the un-peeling process. If your previously papered area is to be painted over, Saetre Paint recommends a coat of primer to seal any adhesive left behind after wallpaper removal.

Benefits of Wallpaper Removal:

  • Our professionals have the right tools to get the job done quickly.
  • We know what to do when the walls are not in perfect condition.
  • We can remove wallpaper that has been painted over, leaving uneven surfaces.
  • Our removal service ensures that in the future, rot-based damage will be prevented.
  • Saetre Paint is very cost-effective compared to the other guys.
  • Modernizing the interior of your home increases its value.

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